Sculptural Furniture By Sebastian ErraZuriz

It is no secret that I love kinetic art and simple building materials. And if you make something that is also functional and beautiful then you are really on to something. Enginartist Sebasatian ErraZuriz uses motion to turn a simple box into an infinitely configurable storage container and display case by having the simple beams of the design fold out from each other. In anotherĀ take on a “simple box that hides its true complexity”, he has created on that explodes horizontally by sliding the simple beam membersĀ out along integrated dovetails. Following on with the simple building material motif, Sebastian uses plywood to design a gorgeous table and chair set, complete with a carved bowl in the center. I have always wanted to tackle something like this but was afraid how it would turn out after pouring way to much time into it. Looks like I should have had no fear. And, finally, dead tree limbs turned into a coffee table and books shelf? Way too cool. Head on over to his site to check out the rest of his collection.

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