Form Meets Function – Cool Bird Feeder


I love to see KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) in action. Here, we can see KISS methodology used to support both engineering function and design. Assuming this feeder actually foils the little seed stealing basta…squirrels, what you are left with is a product that looks cool just hanging in the yard, with or without the birds. Side note – I tried my hand at building a squirrel proof bird feeder as a kid and know first hand how crafty they be. Let’s just saying that screaming at them an effective, but not sustainable, option is. Kudos to Jim for an innovate design.

From Wired:

Here’s an elegant bird buffet worthy of even the rarest feathered friend. What’s better: The stoneware feeding tube hangs from a single wire and see-saws downward when a squirrel alights on it, making it impossible for them to hang on and steal a meal. J Schatz Mobile Bird Feeder | $225

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