Singing the Praises of GLAD Press’n Seal

prodshot_pressnseal1I don’t normally shill for a product, but this GLAD Press’n Seal is proving to be a great addition to my art tool chest. This stuff doesn’t have the irritating tendency to cling to itself that some other plastic wraps exhibit, but it holds on to containers just as well. Per GLAD’s website “While other wraps cling, Press’n Seal® wrap actually seals…” In the shop, I’m mainly using it to temporarily cover paint cans, rollers, and brushes, but I’m sure I’ll find other uses as life goes on. Its usefulness aside, I’d like to point out how the good people at GLAD went beyond their popular (and profitable) Cling Wrap to create this whole new storage solution. The creativity required to push beyond their comfort zone shouldn’t be understated. Though it’s not much too look at, the simplistic appearance belies the complexity of the product. Thus, I believe this product is a fine example of an Enginart design: Innovative, efficient, useful, and an aesthetic that’s only as complicated as it needs to be.