Google Sketchup

A model created in Sketchup
 You’ve probably stumbled across this before, but I feel it s well worth mentioning in this forum: Google Sketchup is fantastic piece of software. More than just a “lite” CAD solution,  Sketchup is really a hybrid between surfacing programs like Alias and a parametric software like CATIA or IDEAS. The benefit to creative engineers out there is threefold: 1.) You can get your idea rendered without worrying about building structural correct 3D model, thus saving time and frustration 2.) You can push/pull the surfaces around to get the look you want without having to define it mathematically 3.) It’s FREE. Of course, the free part is debatable. After all, if you want to import/export an actual 3D model, you will have to shell out $495 for the PRO version. I haven’t tried the PRO version yet, but it may well be worth the price.